General terms

Terms of Use

General terms and conditions of use

This document contains the general conditions under which “Eurogroup-33” Ltd provides services to its customers through its Internet store –

The use of the services offered on the Internet store of “Eurogroup-33” Ltd means that the consumer has read and understood the general conditions while he has given his consent to conclude an e-commercial contract with “Eurogroup-33” Ltd.

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd. is a company with headquarters and management address: “Bulgaria” Blvd., Section D-5, Plovdiv 4003, Bulgaria, entered at the Registry Agency with UIC 115822682.

Art. 1 / Definitions

The terms and expressions used in these Terms and Conditions have the following meaning:

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd., trader, company – Eurogroup-33 Ltd., headquarters and management address “Bulgaria” №4, Section D-5, Plovdiv 4003, Bulgaria, entered at Registry Agency with UIC 115822682.

Site – website located at address

Internet shop – Eurogroup-33 virtual shop Ltd., located on and enabling the company’s customers to buy goods through the Internet.

Client, user – a physical or legal person who has loaded and has requested purchasing products. Thus, the person has accepted these general conditions and expressed its consent to the conclusion of the contract.

General terms and conditions – these Terms and Conditions. With the exception of the button / link leading to these Terms and Conditions, each click on a button, link or application on the Eurogroup-33 Ltd store is expressly and unconditional consensus with these Terms and Conditions.

Art. 2 / Order

Orders can only be made by registered users who have provided correct personal data on the trader’s website.

For the purposes of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, by pressing the “Order” button, the user declares that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions and expresses his willing to purchase the goods located in his basket. This action has a legally binding force. Once the client receives a confirmation of the order made by him, the contract shall be deemed concluded.

Art. 3 / Warranty service

All items offered on the trader’s internet store hold a legal guarantee of goods with the sales contract.

The trader shall bear the full responsibility for establishing a non-compliance of the consumer goods by the contract of sale by undertaking to provide a corresponding item to replace or repair the goods or reimburse the amount paid by the client.

For each commodity subject to warranty service, the trader shall offer a reliable guarantee card to its customers if such a document is provided by the manufacturer of the goods. In the document are applied: description of the goods; contact information of the authorized repairer of the purchased item; warranty conditions of the relevant service centers or manufacturers, warranty deadlines.

Customers are not entitled to warranty service in cases of: breach of the physical integrity of the goods; damage, due to incorrect operation; damage, due to external impacts unrelated to the normal operation of the article; attempt to remove the failure / non-conformity of an unauthorized person or service; loss of the warranty document.

Art. 4 / Prices

All prices, listed on the trader’s Internet store are in Bulgarian leva, with VAT and do not include the cost of delivering the goods. The trader reserves the right to change these prices at any time without warning. In the event that the goods are sent outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the client should pay all export charges.

Art. 5 / Payment for the goods purchased

The customer could pay the price of the ordered commodity from internet store through one of the following methods:

“Cash on delivery” – cash on delivery;

“By bank transfer” – at the account of “Eurogroup-33” Ltd;

“Cash” – in a commercial site of “Eurogroup-33” Ltd.

The user selects the method voluntarily in which to pay the commodity commissioned. On the basis of the selected method, the trader provides the customer with the relevant information concerning the payment process. All payments are made in Bulgarian leva. The consumer pays the value of the item purchased from him on the basis of invoice.

Upon payment “by bank transfer”, the contract is executed after the bank transfer on the account of Eurogroup-33 Ltd.

Art. 6 / Delivery and receipt of goods

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd delivers bought products with:

Courier companies: mainly with Leo Express, Speedy, Econt Express and others – for the country, except for Plovdiv;

Locations of Eurogroup-33 Ltd. – for the territory of Plovdiv.

The delivery time of the ordered online item is up to five working days from the date of receipt of order confirmation. The trader reserves the right to extend this period by up to seven days without prior notifying the consumer. Where necessary, an extension of more than seven days, Eurogroup-33 Ltd. should receive additional confirmation by the consumer by means of one of the contact methods provided. In the event that the customer does not provide the trader the necessary information, the contract is automatically canceled.

The delivery of the commodity is in line with the general conditions of courier companies. The cost of delivering goods shall be borne entirely by the client, except in cases where the commodity is derived from the commercial establishment of Eurogroup-33 EOOD.

The goods shall be transmitted to the client or a third person designated after payment of the due amount. The client or the person indicated by him / her should examine the goods at the time of its delivery. Upon receipt of the goods, the consumer or the authorized person shall be obliged to sign the accompanying documents.

The consumer and / or the authorized person have the right to refuse to sign the accompanying documents and obtain the requested goods under one of the following conditions:

– Constitution of visible external defects resulting from the transport of the goods. In this case, the consumer or that third person should complete and sign the damage protocol in the presence of the supplier.

– a discrepancy between the price the customer should pay and the due under Art. 4

– non-compliance with the delivery period mentioned in these General Terms and Conditions.

– Apparently discrepancy between the commodity commissioned and supplied, which could be established in a simple review.

In the event of a non-compliance between the goods commissioned and supplied, which would have not been established at the time of delivery, the consumer could request replacement of the goods delivered by him within 24 hours of receipt of the goods. In case of failure to replace, Eurogroup-33 Ltd undertakes to reimburse to the client the price he has paid for the product concerned. Upon expiry of 24 hours, any subsequent claims of the consumer for the goods delivered shall be deemed unfounded and for this reason – should not be satisfied.

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd. is not responsible for delaying delivery as a result of the circumstances independent, incl. Natural disasters, delay in the provider’s fault, submitted contact information on the part of the user and others. The trader shall be released from his obligation to deliver the ordered online commodity in cases where the customer and / or the authorized person are not found at the address and / or not access to this address within the delivery period. In the event that the client wishes to receive the goods after the expiry date during which it was not found at that address, he should also take all costs of the initial delivery. Under these circumstances, a new delivery period begins from the time of confirmation of the repeat order.

Art. 7 / Return of purchased goods

Customers have the right to return purchased merchandise within up to 14 calendar days from the purchase date indicated on the warranty card and / or in the payment document (receipt, invoice). For this purpose, a corresponding form that can be downloaded from the following address: In the event that the goods have a damaged package, a corresponding amount shall be deducted at the return of the price of a new package. If the goods are not just open and used, which can be established in the receiving of the returned commodity with a corresponding protocol, Eurogroup-33 Ltd. has the full right to refuse the acceptance of the returned commodity. In this case, the price for the courier’s servant on the return of the goods and his return to the client is on his account. More information has been published on our page here:

Art. 8 / Product warranty repair

Within the warranty period, customers can take advantage of free repair if such need arises. It should be completed and sent back a corresponding form that can be downloaded from here: More information has been published on our page here:

Art. 9 / Personal data

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd. is a personal data Administrator.

Personal data of individuals are processed only under their consent.

Filling the electronic order form from the Internet store is considered by the administrator for a valid consent to process personal data. The processing objectives are:

– Making sales by executing customer orders

– Implementation of the marketing and advertising policy of “Eurogroup-33” Ltd

Personal data shall be provided to other persons only in connection with the execution of orders and to fulfill obligations arising from law.

– For execution of orders – personal data are provided to courier companies.

– For fulfillment of obligations arising from law – personal data are provided to state institutions.

Individuals, whether valid consent to process personal data are entitled:

1. To request:

– Access to your personal data

– Correcting if data is inaccurate

– Deleting personal data Deleting personal data is possible only if there is no legal basis for their processing and determined
by law deadlines for their storage.

2. To obtain the following information:

– Data identifying the Administrator

– The objectives and legal grounds of processing

– The recipients of their personal data

– The deadlines for storing their personal data

Access applications, correcting and deleting personal data and requests for information are submitted to an e-mail address

Art. 10 / Other

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd. is not responsible for damages and / or lost benefits occurring as a result of the use or respectively
the inability to use the merchant’s internet store.

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd is not responsible for inaccuracies in the information published. In this regard, regarding the dynamics of the company’s commodity, there are probabilitiy some articles that are with “Availability: Yes” status at the time of verification can not be ordered through the internet store. In this case, the trader shall notify the Customer of the possibility / inability to carry out the delivery of the commodity ordered.

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd is not responsible for technical problems and disturbances due to the operation of the technical equipment of the client.

The trader has the right at any time to change any information on his internet store, and consumers are considered to be informed from the time they publish these changes. There is a likelihood of delaying the update of the adjustments made. In the case of orders on the basis of observed information before the delivery itself, “Eurogroup-33” Ltd undertakes to notify its customers through one of the contact methods provided.

All disputes between the parties are solved in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. In case consent is not achieved, all unresolved
disputes, including disputes caused or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination as well as disputes for
completing gaps in the contract or adjusting it to emerging circumstances will be authorized by the competent court in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.

The Customer undertakes to indemnify “Eurogroup-33” Ltd. for any damage suffered and / or lost profits and other losses of any kind and size occurring as a result of failure to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, violations of the General Conditions, Legislation, good morals and others. The user is responsible for the damages that causes the trader when providing his password from the Internet store of the company to third parties.

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd. has the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time, and their publication on the company’s shop is considered as a notification to consumers about the amendments made.

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