About us

“Eurogroup-33” Ltd. is an engineering and trading company with a main activity in the field of autonomous power supply offering complex solutions for stationary and mobile, reliably protected systems with a wide range of applications.

“Eurogroup – 33” Ltd. offers high-tech products of leading manufacturers implementing quality standards and work approvals such as ISO 9000, 9001, IEC, VdS, TUV, EC, UL and others – warranty of high quality products. “Eurogroup – 33” Ltd. provides its clients with complete engineering of manufacturers and has trained specialists who decide on a high professional level of a wide range of issues in securing reliable and protected power for the needs of heterogeneous electricity users. “Eurogroup – 33” Ltd. provides a wide range of activities and services for feasibility consultation, the choice of the equipment, supply, installation, warranty and post-warranty service of the installed systems.

Our product list includes a full range of power supply units – stationary, specialized and general purpose, such as diesel generators and chargers, inverters, UPS devices, battery power supplies from different electrochemical sources, as well as complex power supply and consumer protection systems. We offer lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, encapsulated and open type rechargeable batteries as well as portable and mobile packages of lithium, nickel-metal hydride, silver-zinc, zinc-air and other rechargeable batteries. Their high quality is a guarantee of reliability and economy of the proposed long-term solutions at a low level of price / operational life.


Quality and service

“ЕВРОГРУП-33” ЕООД е сертифицирана по ISO9001:2015. The established quality management system is aimed at fully meeting the needs of customers in line with their requirements as well as applicable regulatory and legal acts.

“Eurogroup – 33” Ltd. provides full warranty and after warranty service of the products offered on the territory of the whole country, offering service at a high professional level of trained and certified specialists and in accordance with the manufacturer’s service policy.

Our specialists are trained in ONIS VISA – Italy, Salicru – Spain, Legrand UPS – France and Comex UPS – Poland factories.

In order to ensure correct partnership relations, Eurogroup – 33 Ltd. has been concluded insurance professional responsibility.

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